SMS Service

Instantly set up Automated Response Services on any of our Shortcodes with just a click of a button. Or Link our Platform to your Company’s existing Shortcode(s) for easier management.

SMS Marketing

Send and Manage Bulk SMSs using our Platform. Receive SMS Inquiries from Customers and Subscribers through our Shortcodes. Run competitions using our tools to manage entries and pick a random winner.

SMS Applications

Have customized tools and systems developed according to your Organization or Project’s unique needs, or use our APIs to receive and respond to requests from Subscribers for your own applications.

An SMS Platform for Everyone

The Payrope SMS Platform is a Platform that allows Businesses, Events
and Individuals access to handy easy to use tools for SMS Promotions,
SMS Crowd Funding and the creation of a wide range of SMS
Services for Subscribers on all Major Networks without any of the overheads.

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Share Content and Make Money

The Payrope SMS Platform allows *ANYONE to instantly setup as many
*SMS KEYWORDS as they want on ANY NETWORK, and to make money from
those Keywords for *FREE (without having to pay any rentals or setup fees).
No catch, no hidden fees. And with our SMS File downloads you are able to load content onto our servers and set your own amount for an incoming SMS so that you can charge Subscribers for access to content.

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Pricing Tables

View pricing tables to see what price do you like most of all

Normal User

1 User Account
3 Keywords
Bulk SMS Credits 0
Analytics & Reports
Fundraiser Service

Premium User

3 User Accounts
12 Keywords
Bulk SMS credits 1,000
Analytics & Reports
Fundraiser Service

Royalties Per SMS
40% see examples below

R5.00 (South Africa)
R2.29 WASP (Vodacom) R2.11 (You)
K65.00 (Malawi)
K39.00 WASP (TNM) K26.00 (You)

This platform is a very handy Marketing tool that could become vital in the self employed landscape. Using simple Keywords to promote specific products and skills via SMS makes it very exciting to engage with.

Keith Tembo Award winning Designer & Animator

When I heard of this Platform I knew it was a game changer, it is exactly what we have been waiting for as Artists on the Continent.

Sonyezo Award Winning Musician

Frequenty Asked Questions

View questions to see what you need to do

How do I Sign up?

You Sign up for a PAYROPE User Account at The Sign process involves 3 easy steps; 1) Select the Country or Region you will be operating our applications in after you have clicked on Sign up. 2) Click “Next” and fill in the form that appears with your Name, Contacts and desired Password. Read the Terms and Conditions and Submit the form. 3) Verify your User Account by following the instruction sent to your via email or SMS and you are good to go. You can start participating in activity on the platform immediately.

NOTE: That an email with your username or log in details may also be sent to your email address for your reference after you verify your account. Thanks.

How much does it cost ?

Sign up or opening of a PAYROPE User Account does not cost anything and is free forever. PAYROPE and/or Service Providers may charge a fee for additional services like file storage or Bulk SMS Credits, or for collecting and administering your royalties per transaction. These costs and royalties are outlines under Fees in your user Account Dashboard or on our How It Works Page.

How will I get Money Raised by My Projects or Services?

You will not need to invoice PAYROPE or any Service Provders.  PAYROPE collects from relevant parties and automatically pays you whatever amounts are due to you from your activities on the Platform. Payments are made to the Bank Account that is specified by you in your User Profile after you sign up. For more information on how payments work or how frequently they are done etc. read under Fees and Royalties on our How it works page.

How will I Market my Products and Services on the Platform?

You are responsible for Marketing your own Products or Services running on the Platform. For a look at how you could go about doing that and what avenues other people on the Platform are utilizing, read more on our How it works page.

Is there a limit to the number of Products or Services I can run on the Platform?

There may be a limit on the number of Products or Services, or even the flexibility of how much you can charge depending on the type of User Account you have signed up for. For more information on this read more on the Types of User Accounts on our How it works page.

Does your Platform work for ALL Service Providers?

The List of Service Providers for which our Platform works with is provided in your User Account dashboard, however a summery of this can be seen on our How it works page.

What are the Policies, Terms and Conditions for the Platform?

You can read the full Terms and Conditions that apply to Mobile Subscribers sending SMSs to a Keyword on our Shortcodes here, and terms for signing up and running your Keyword Services on our Platform  here.

Which Countries do PAYROPE Platforms work in?

The Countries our Platforms are available in are listed in the drop down menu when you are selecting your zone during sign up, see here!

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    About Us

    PAYROPE is an African Technology Company, based in Blantyre, Malawi. PAYROPE specializes in SMS and Mobile Applications. Its purpose is to develop and design applications that support local as well as regional business innovation. Ultimately PAYROPE aims to contribute towards the production of high valued service exports from Africa to the rest of the World.

    Our Contact Details


    Email: (for information). (for Business and Marketing related queries).

    Telephone: +27 (0)10 141 0300.



    ZALEWA ROAD, P.O. BOX 1514,

    Email: (for information). (for Business and Marketing related queries).

    Telephone: +265 (0)88 000 9861, +265 (0)99 900 9861.